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The objective of the Spanish programme is to bring participants to a high level of proficiency in the language as well as to provide them with a sound knowledge of the society and culture of Spanish-speaking countries. The Spanish programme is offered both as a major and a minor.

In order to declare a major in Spanish, applicants must initially complete two introductory courses i.e. SPAN1001. Spanish I.1 and SPAN1002. Spanish I.2 (12 credits in all) and achieve at least a grade C in SPAN1002.  In their second, third and fourth years of study, students pursuing a major in Spanish must take a total of 54 credits of Spanish courses which should normally be distributed as follows: 

- 24 credits from courses at level 2XXX, of which 12 credits must be from the core language courses, i.e. SPAN2001. Spanish II.1 and SPAN2002. Spanish II.2

- 30 credits from courses at level 3XXX or 4XXX, of which 12 credits must be from the core language courses, i.e. SPAN3001. Spanish III.1 and SPAN3002. Spanish III.2 and 6 credits from SPAN4003 or SPAN4004, a ‘capstone’ course designed to allow students to advance their analytical thinking by permitting the application of disciplinary knowledge and principles learned in the first, second and third years.

Finally, students will be strongly encouraged to participate in a 3 to 4 week linguistic stay in Spain or a Spanish-speaking country during the summer either between their second and third year or their third and fourth year of study.  Upon their return to HKU they can apply for SPAN3119. Overseas immersion language course - Spanish.

BA Syllabus (2017-2018)

Learning Outcomes:
Students who have completed a BA programme in Spanish should be able to:

• Identify and describe a variety of cultural products from Spanish-speaking countries/areas of the world
• Critically analyse the similarities and differences between their own culture and that of the target language
• Understand current issues in Spanish-speaking countries and critically appraise common received ideas regarding those countries  in order to develop and articulate their own perspectives in  a creative way
• Demonstrate the ability to question their perception of the Hispanic world through their knowledge of the Spanish language and culture
• Demonstrate an appreciation of the cultural values of Spanish-speaking countries
• Demonstrate an appreciation of the social, cultural, and aesthetic diversity of the Spanish-speaking world
• Understanding the diversity of cultures and customs within the Spanish-speaking world
• Express their opinions in written Spanish
• Demonstrate understanding of the main points made by speakers of clear standard speech on a variety of topics
• Demonstrate their understanding of Spanish texts
• Converse and write narratives and summaries on various topics, experiences, and events in Spanish
• Play a leadership role using their Spanish language and culture skills to act as a bridge connecting Hong Kong to Spanish-speaking countries

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